Role Accountability Tool Set  (RATS)
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Communication and Advocacy

Simply making people aware of Strategic intent is rarely enough to ensure a sustainable implementation. Often entrenched mindsets and historical practices have to be replaced with new values that will support the essence of the Strategy or Project Outcomes. We have developed Strategic Advocacy Management methodologies which are utilised to support the Communication and Risk Management aspects of our behavioral change projects in large organisations. The approach we use is to firstly identify the Strategic Destination (where we would ideally like to end up) and the key mind set criteria (opinions and values) of role players in that ideal environment. We then identify the current status of our target people groups in each of the Mind Set Criteria and design a communication and advocacy campaign making use of cartoons and even film scenarios to capture their hearts and minds and take them from where they are presently, to where we intend them to be. A key aspect of the process is the identification of interim measurement tools to track the efficacy of the campaign to allow for mid-course corrections. We make use of Tim Mostert’s collection of characters to subtly persuade people to another point of view through the use of humour. Tim Mostert is the creator of the ‘Speedy’ comic strip, which is read by six million people a day in the Daily Sun newspaper. He is also the cartoonist for the Sunday Sun newspaper, where he does the weekly ‘Chubby Chaka’ strip. For example if we were to identify a risk that, due to a resistance to National Government, the Municipal Officials were probably not going to take the time to understand the benefits of the new Waste Management Act we would need to discredit that behaviour in their own minds with something like the following: